Challenge Finished!

Karen Musgrave had some challenge fabric and I wanted in on that deal! I posted about it here and here and I finally finished it up today.

Bubbler 16 x 30

You may be surprised to learn that there are no beads on it! I put in a little sparkly magenta metallic thread, but that only shows up if you are close.

I also made a commitment to put two quilts in the Ann Arbor Quilt Guild show. One is not finished. Guess what I need to get busy on!!! It’s my lime green and magenta tree and the first thing that needs doing is more yarn added to the tree. I think I could add forever, but at some point I’ll get tired of doing it and just call it good enough! It’s one of those things that could go on for years…a deadline is good. Then this piece will be getting beads added. I’m going to have leaves dangling from the branches on strings of beads…I think. The technicalities of long strings of beads may not work without tangles and the beads may have to be sewn down. That’s the challenge I need to work out, and one I’m looking forward to.

Yes, I truly am bead obsessed!


11 thoughts on “Challenge Finished!

  1. I love this piece! And no beads?! Every year I submit entry to my local show for stuff that’s not even close to being done-you’re right, nothing like a deadline to make it happen!


    • I know…that no beads part is nagging at me! It’s never too late to add them and this may get some before it’s all said and done. I’ve been pretty good at ignoring deadlines since I retired, but once I commit, it HAS to happen!


  2. As one who has become bead obsessed I totally understand. Yes, I think that the tangles would get out of control, but it does sound interesting. Always love your magenta combinations.


    • I am concerned about tangles, so my brain is working on other ‘technicalities’ that might give me the effect I’m after. It may just be lines of beading with short free chains for just the leaves. It may end up being all sewn down. Just not sure yet!


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