I’m trying to get my magenta and lime tree project finished up, but I’ve run into a little unexpected problem. I had decided to add lines of beads for short branches and have my leaves then dangle from short lengths, rather than try to dangle long lines of beads from which to hang the leaves.

Got quite a bit done in one branch area and wasn’t too sure. I decided to hang it back on the design wall and try to analyze what was making me unhappy.

My first thought was too many leaves. My next thought was too many beads…but that thought was quickly followed by figuring that I would just add more beads to the rest of the tree!

I’m most likely going to take all this stuff off and start again. The picture in my head is of very few leaves dangling from these almost bare branches. What I have just doesn’t convey that, so back to the drawing board.

The lessson: don’t hesitate to try something different if you are not happy with what you have!!!!

I mean, if I don’t like it, how can I expect anyone else to?