Welcome to my indecision…

Still trying to figure out leaves on the magenta/lime tree! I tried making some “threadlace” leaves, with yarn.

This is after a first pass. I sandwiched it again between two layers of water soluble stabilizer and added a bit more threadwork. I only made two, just to see how they would turn out and I’m thinking they may be over large.

This one doesn’t look that bad, but if I end up needing 5 for the ends of my branches, it may be too much.

However, I like this idea best so far.

I think I need to try and make some smaller ones, and I thought of one other option. I can just couch on some leaves the same way I made the tree, but I’m still clinging to the idea of the leaves dangling free…

Does it help you to have me try to articulate the issues I have during my design process? Or would you rather just see finished products?