Welcome to my indecision…

Still trying to figure out leaves on the magenta/lime tree! I tried making some “threadlace” leaves, with yarn.

This is after a first pass. I sandwiched it again between two layers of water soluble stabilizer and added a bit more threadwork. I only made two, just to see how they would turn out and I’m thinking they may be over large.

This one doesn’t look that bad, but if I end up needing 5 for the ends of my branches, it may be too much.

However, I like this idea best so far.

I think I need to try and make some smaller ones, and I thought of one other option. I can just couch on some leaves the same way I made the tree, but I’m still clinging to the idea of the leaves dangling free…

Does it help you to have me try to articulate the issues I have during my design process? Or would you rather just see finished products?


10 thoughts on “Welcome to my indecision…

    • I made a few more and put them on the quilt–definitely too heavy. I think just threadwork and no yarn might work, so that will be my next attempt.

      And now you know the thought process…try-fail-try-fail-keep trying until you get something you like!!! Fun, fun, fun!


  1. Like that you share your thought processes. Used to have a small group of fellow quilters that would bounce ideas off each other, but that fell apart with retirements and transfers. Could you make a piece of the thread lace using some illusion as a stabilizer and then cut leaf shapes from that?


    • Thread lace that is more delicate than the yarn leaves and is what I think I need to try next. I need to get the feeling that the leaves are barely there, just getting ready to fall off. I truly appreciate input from others. Thanks.


    • My feedback opportunities are limited, so I appreciate input from others…as a teacher once said, everyone is free to critique, but you are the artist and you make the final decisions.


  2. In my opinion they just look too heavy. Leaves need to appear light and could blow away. Also, you don’t want to upstage your tree. Don’t make them too important. That is why you originally thought about dangles. I would like to see them made from paper. Now wouldn’t that be interesting.


    • I think they are just too big. I made a few more and they are quite bulky. I’m going to try cutting them down and if that doesn’t work, I’ll skip the yarn and go for just thread. Paper? Not at all in my wheelhouse!!!


  3. Kay and I have this conversation all of the time. I like having the thought process shared. Sometimes we get stuck in our own design process. Having someone else to talk it through, opens up new possibilities for solutions. Sometimes a design is going in a direction others can’t see. Being able to articulate our vision can give way to a solution. Please share your process. We can all learn something unexpected. Thanks for sharing.


    • Since most of us work alone in a studio space, it’s so very helpful to have feedback from others. Sometimes we are too close to the problem to see the solution.


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