Indecision is a way of life…

Sometimes designing goes smoothly, but most often there is a spot that just gets hard. Either hard to actually put together or hard to decide on the right approach. Today’s bit of indecision involves choosing fabric.

I started a project using some previously pieced strips. The white fabric rays were pieced in, though I’m sure it would have been easier to fuse or applique them on top. I just did not want my strips to remain straight and even and I knew that improv piecing would skew them for me. I like that part.

So here’s the dilemna–I want a strip of fabric down the left hand side. The outside edge will be straight and the connecting edge will be improv pieced. I did try the fabrics that are in the strips, but nothing really spoke to me at all from that group. Now I’m working with stripey fabrics ’cause they seem to work with the overall picture. Take a look at my choices so far…

Anything you like there?


13 thoughts on “Indecision is a way of life…

  1. I like the third one. It is dark enough to contrast but also it picks up some colors in the strips. They way you have it oriented would contrast well because of color placement too.


    • I’m still in a state of indecision. I just have too much fabric from which to choose and I live too close to the store to make a hard and fast decision too quickly!!! I want to try more…more…more…


  2. Can I change my mind? I was viewing on my phone and now I see it on my monitor: I vote for the second photo, the dark one.


  3. My choice would be the second one. The dark brown combo. It makes the piece seem to float on top of the dark.


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