On the road again…

The suitcase looks so big when it’s empty. I start to think everything I want to bring will fit in sooooooo easily.

Then I look at the stack of quilts from which I am choosing. This lecture chronicles my early days to present work….that’s a long, long time and a huge lot of quilts.

There are quite a few quilts that will definitely not see the light of day again. But for an historical perspective on my journey, some of the stuff I no longer love must be shown. And the older I get, the more history there is to show!!!

I’ve tried so many things and have so many pieces still sitting here…

They need to find new homes. If there’s anything you’ve seen that you like, believe me, it’s for sale.

Oh, wait…a little too hasty again. My daughter has claimed a piece or two and a couple have new designated owners already, and some pieces are committed to shows…well, if you love it, talk to me. We’ll see what we can do!

In the meantime, that suitcase is full to the brim again, heavier than gravity and ready to roll again. Off for more guild fun. I really do love doing this!


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