Who Loves to Dye?

I do…I do!!! Had a lovely day playing in the dye pots, chatting with my dye-crazy friends, pot-luck lunching and then the excruciatingly long wait time to see what we actually created.

This is all I had to look at at the end of the day and it just kills me to have to wait and let the dye actually process.

My favorite, on the top of a stack of containers!

And then, to add to the torture, I have to be away from home for 2 days before I can rinse out and get to the reward portion of the program! Good thing I’m going to be doing something I love while I’m gone.

And I’m hosting another dye day next week. Woo-hooo! My plan for that day is to explore some of the resists I’ve been studying up on. Can’t wait for that day, too!

All set up and ready for Dye Day 2!


6 thoughts on “Who Loves to Dye?

  1. You are making me want to cry. But you are also making me re-evaluate what I am doing with my time. That’s a good thing!


    • That work thing will always get in the way, too! But somehow we create in spite of it all. At times we can’t do all we would like, but as long as we are doing something, we can survive…wait, when did I segue into Donna Summer lyrics?!


    • I’m hoping I can force myself to start using more of my hand dyes instead of looking at them on the shelf, fondling them, unfolding them and loving all that color…it’s fabric, already, and I need to USE it!!!


    • It’s driving me nuts,too! It may be two whole days before I get to rinse and reveal! It would be lovely if everyone who dyed could come again next week and show us what happens when you just play with dye!


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