Public Art in MY Town!

We have been very fortunate the last few years to be part of a public art program. Our town receives an exhibit that stays here for an entire year and the sculptures are located all through town. This type of exhibit could go unnoticed in a large city, but my town is small. Every piece gets seen by almost everyone who lives here or travels through.

Now many people are unaware of the sculptures, just as they are often unaware of their surroundings in general. Ignore it unless it bites, kinda! But most of us love having art in town.

We get excited when the new exhibit is getting installed every year. We walk with my 3 year year old grandson most every Saturday morning and there is a sculpture on our way downtown. He absolutely loved the ‘car part’ sculpture last year. This year, in that same spot is a horse. Now, he can’t read, but during the installation process he asked a couple of times where the words were for the plaque! Start ’em young!!!

I’m totally in love with this piece, located at City Hall.

It wasn’t obvious at first that the center section turned, but that detail makes it even better! The leaves are beautiful.

And here are the words…

I love having artwork to look at during our walks. It’s not always my taste, I don’t always like all the pieces, but it’s great to have it here. Inspiration for my quilting can come from unexpected sources and sometimes just a detail of one of these sculptures can totally jump into a new creation in my mind. Stay aware…you just never know!


9 thoughts on “Public Art in MY Town!

    • And yesterday we drove around doing some errands and I’m noticing the art in other towns! This is really cool and it makes me really appreciate the artists and those who bring them to us!!!


  1. We have First Friday Art Walks in our small downtown area. I have been part of them for years now, but when I don’t have to be at an artist’s reception, I enjoy seeing what different artists do around town.


    • We have had art walks here and so far every single one of them has been on a night when I’ve had another obligation! Can’t wait to actually get to one–I love seeing work by others. Inspiring and intimidating at the same time.


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