Inspiration on the Fly

Carrying my camera at all times is starting to become a habit. That means that I should always be prepared to capture that wonderfully inspiring item at a moment’s notice.

Not so much…I’m still not any more AWARE of things around me. You have to NOTICE the things that are unique and beautiful. I’m better than I used to be…better than some of the people I hang around with…but still woefully lacking in the ability to use my everyday surroundings as photo inspiration.

I WANT to use my camera more. I WANT to be a better photographer. I WANT to be aware and noticing and never miss an opportunity to record beauty. I guess I’m just not there yet, but I’m going to keep trying. That’s the only way I’m going to improve.

Using a sketchbook is supposed to work the same way. But that means you have to carry your sketchbook around with you, and a writing implement, too. More ‘stuff’ to keep track of and I’m not very good at drawing or even taking notes about things I see.

Does this mean that I’m not a true artist? Or just that I only want to carry a wallet and car keys, not a satchel of equipment and feel like a pack mule when I walk out my door?

My memory still works pretty well, despite my constant fear of Alzheimer’s, so I guess I’ll continue to rely on that as my primary inspiration source. Since I don’t do realism, the things I have in my memory banks don’t have to be true or real or even possible in actual fact.

I guess I can continue to work that way until I become a better photographer or a better sketcher. Those are just areas that I’m aware of lacking skills and will strive to improve, but I guess that lack will never stop me from continuing to produce what I love.


6 thoughts on “Inspiration on the Fly

  1. My photo collection is much of my inspiration though I’ve made a decision to only label the photos that are particularly interesting for use later.

    While I’ve posted photos of some inspiring quilts on my website ( I was only thinking on the weekend that I should put some collections of my favourite photos together on different themes and share them with the ether for random inspiration so – thanks for the reminder.


    • I definitely need to organize my photos, but that seems like an almost impossible task when faced with huge quantities. It’s one of those “Wish I had done this when I first started” things!!!!


  2. Wow, I could have written this post myself-the words describe my sentiments well! To me, photography is another tool that hopefully sharpens my skills that eventually come out in a quilt.


    • I take pictures and really don’t use them. I have to learn good picture taking if I’m going to enter anything in a show. Maybe what I do take pictures of just click into my brain and I subconsciously use them! All I know for sure is that I’m not a good photographer and I need to get better or hire a pro!


  3. A teacher once told me that artists are not special, they just see what others don’t. I never forgot that. So, now when I look at a flower, I ask myself what am I seeing that I never noticed before.


    • I have a hard time telling myself that I’m seeing anything special. My vision has always been so internal, it’s like I’m learning a new language trying to consciously absorb more from my actual surroundings. I hope it makes me a better artist!


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