Sometimes….I just don’t know!

I think I might forget my head if it wasn’t attached! Went to the Capitol Fireworks show last night without my camera. Walking past all kinds of architectural details that I would like to capture for inspiration. Great view of Capitol building, with hubby, which would make a great picture for here…not to be.

I took a couple of photos with my phone, but I have a dumb phone and don’t pay for an email plan or a data plan, so they will stay on my phone.

And after I just posted about wanting to be more camera conscious…boy, do I feel dimwitted! See why I worry about Alzheimer’s?

Oh, well–the fireworks were lovely, the heat wasn’t unbearable, and we had fun!


4 thoughts on “Sometimes….I just don’t know!

  1. It’s wonderful to know there is someone else out there that does that with the camera. Although I have to admit, with me it would have been more taking the camera and then forgetting to take the pictures!


  2. You know, I have lost so many things lately that I decided to completely reorganize my tiny studio and label everything in sight. I have spent 2 days on this and not finished yet. I found only one of the things I was looking for. Uggggggg!!


    • I hate it when I know something is there and I can’t find it! You spend all your time searching or organizing and still can’t always find what you KNOW you have. It’s soooooo frustrating! I’m trying to learn to go on to another project for a few minutes or a day…or a week! Sometimes things just turn up and I don’t actually have to clean or sort!


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