Travel Teaching–Love/Hate Relationship

Teaching quilting is one of my dearest loves. Sharing what I have learned over 40 years of textile work brings me such joy. I’d love to be teaching a workshop every single day.

Leaving home, packing up tons of stuff, driving for hours or days or flying with too much luggage–not so much.

People who have to do that for a living have my great admiration. And maybe it’s just a function of my age…I don’t want to be away from home and family for any longer than necessary. An overnight…a long weekend…a trip with my husband…visiting family in other states…all good things.

Missing time with my grandson…missing family dinner on Tuesday night…missing everyday chit-chat with my family and friends…not so good.

I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m not going to try and pursue “distance” teaching much any more. Anything within a day’s drive of home will be perfect, but huge distances are unlikely…unless, of course, I can set something up in a place to which I’m traveling anyway!

I haven’t seen some of the most beautiful parts of my own state so I think I need to see them and possibly teach at local shops. Speaking to local guilds would thrill me…just ’cause I love to talk about myself and what I do! NOT vanity…just a passion for textile work.
Michigan Photos
This photo of Michigan is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Another function of my age is that I have the luxury of choice. I don’t have to travel for a living. I don’t envy those who have to, and many people do thrive on the constant go-go-go. I’m not one of them. As I head out on another 1000 mile trip–each way!–I’m already longing to be back in my own bed!

My studio is calling me louder than ever—louder than the call of the open road, for sure. Is this going to be real retirement? Maybe it is! But I’ll never stop making art and I’ll never stop talking about it and I’ll never say no if someone wants me to speak to their group. Retired, maybe, but not defunct!


10 thoughts on “Travel Teaching–Love/Hate Relationship

  1. I’ve just read this after getting off a plane for a work trip which seems a little ironic. My ‘playroom’ is at my place in the country and there’s something about being surrounded by friends, fabric, good food and a nice view that makes me want to hibernate there…and then when I do venture out like I did today I’m often pleasantly surprised at what I learn and the people I meet but I’m sure glad to be home now.

    Enjoy your jaunt and the classes.


    • I love meeting people, especially when they are connected to my passion. I always learn new things when I go to new locations–my hubby and I love to have adventures! I have just kind of decided that I don’t want to do it on a regular basis. I want more home time and less road time!


  2. During my husbands last 25 years of work, we had to move about every two years with his job. I have lived in so many places, that I have almost lost track. When he retired, I never wanted to go anywhere for 6 years. Just now planning our first trip out of town. Yeah, I am old and comfortable.


  3. I don’t like to travel, either. I like having my own “stuff”, and if I had grandchildren it would be so much worse! That being said…is that picture from Mackinaw Island? I think I saw that when I visited there several years ago.


    • Yep–just don’t want to miss any available time with the grandson! I really don’t know where that Michigan picture was from…I took it from the tourist website. I thought it might be way up north, maybe along Lake Superior.


  4. Wish you were in my area! Interesting reflection on the whole concept of traveling for gigs. I’m just entering this arena and wonder about all the travel myself. But it is such a high to talk about this wonderful thing that we do!


    • You are at a perfect point to do it! I love it, but I’m not willing to give up time with my grandson. Your boys are grown and out, right, with no grandkids to tug at your heartstrings while you travel. Go for it, girl!


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