Wonderful Wichita

That’s where I’m teaching this week. And Kansas has not been what the Wizard of Oz has portrayed it to be. First of all, and most disappointing, there has been no sign of any yellow brick road. I have not even seen fields of sunflowers–but maybe they have burned up in the heat of this summer. On the plus side, no forest of mean trees to negotiate and NO flying monkeys! I am totally positive that the people of Kansas get tired of Oz talk!

What I have seen of Wichita is very nice and the people I have encountered are as friendly and open as the great prairie on which they live. The city has some very nice public art, which you know I love to see. This has been a delightful trip and I’m awfully glad we were able to come.

Teaching today will be my Up and Away class and I will try very hard to remember to take pictures! I know I love seeing what the same set of instructions will produce when filtered through each individual’s fabrics and colors and instincts. Always unique work and that is my goal…to make each student confident in producing one of a kind art! Now, I’m bad at names and hate it if I leave someone out, so I just include a slide show of all the lovely work (to cover my shortcomings!). There is work in progress, work almost finished, ladies getting ready to work, and a lot of ‘almost dones’!

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Got to meet Tracy Huskamp of The Red Door Studio. Her nature inspired painting is awesome, she designs fabric, she has a book out and a beautiful calendar every year. You might just want to check out her blog and etsy shop to enjoy the work she does. I love it when I get to meet people I have “known” through the internet. It’s so wonderful to actually put a face with a name, especially when it’s such a delightful person! Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I like personal connections to go along with electronic connections! Tracy brought me a little gift pack with her fabric in it…love it! I feel really bad that I didn’t have anything to give to her…but I’ll try to do something when I get home.

Don’t know if there will be much touristing around on the way home…home…home…home…I hear it calling my name very strongly! Sleeping in my own bed holds a lot of appeal for me right now. Looking forward to the ending, but not the long hours in the car!

NOT ready for any other adventures right away, so I hope the Wizard is too busy to notice me while I’m still in his state!


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Wichita

  1. You are just a stones throw away from me, here in Springfield, Mo. My daughter and grandchildren live there. Yes, Kansas is a great place for traditional quilters. So your class will really be a welcome diversion for them. Wichita also has fantastic museums. Wish you had time for them.


    • I thought you might be in the general area! Our time was tight, though, so I really couldn’t explore Wichita much, though there were many great sounding things. Wish we had time to ride down to Springfield, too, but I’ve got to get back to several deadlines. Even though I don’t feel like more traveling right now, I know I will again and we’ll try to make it down to your area!


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