Don’t judge a book…

We all know that inside those book covers are often nice surprises! We stopped for dinner on the last night of our trip and we always try to find spots that are local favorites. We made a guess tonight from a couple of reviews on the internet. Doesn’t this sound like a real iffy way to find a restaurant?

We weren’t real sure when we parked…

Hmmm….not too sure!

When we walked in the door, I was totally enchanted with their decor. Some of pics are a bit blurry–I’m not used to using the phone on my camera. All the table tops and chairs were carved, different, brightly painted and grabbed my imagination.

The tables had lights made out of porcelain or ceramic bowl shapes.

And all the decor is well and good, but if the food and service don’t match, the color doesn’t matter. Well, I didn’t take pictures of our food, but it was delicious!

I may never travel to Effingham, IL again, but if you stop there, check out El Rancherito. Great good luck on our part!


4 thoughts on “Don’t judge a book…

  1. What a great find! I like to look up places that way when we have no idea where we should go. I always figure that worse case scenario is that we find a true stinker. Which we could do without the internet a whole lot easier!


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