Co-op? Let’s Try It!

There’s a new gallery spot in Tecumseh. The Black Door Gallery is expanding into another location, right on Chicago Blvd. This location will serve artists as a co-op gallery and I’m part of it.

Ideally, artists want to be represented by a gallery with a national collector following, pay only their artist commission for the privilege and sell everything they place. In the real world, especially in small-town America, you can’t sit back and wait for the big galleries to come calling…it just ain’t gonna happen that way.

A co-op gallery is a great solution for our area. We have tons of really good artists here, but not everyone can spend time on real intense marketing of their product. In this case, we pay a small fee per month, we don’t even have to work in the gallery and customers are treated to a wide array of artwork. A win-win for everyone, I think.

I took a few pictures yesterday, pre-opening. I think the place looks great and there are plans for more display setups, but the priority was to get up and running ASAP.

My ‘City Grid’ along with some beautiful photographs. I don’t pretend to know all the other artist’s names!

Of course, my pictures include my artwork!

You’ve seen my ‘Windblown Gingkoes’ on this blog before, but here you can see some lovely pottery as well as part of a large painting in the back.

I’m not the only textile artist represented, either. I’m sure these smaller pieces are done by my friend Sherry Peterson, but I kind of like the way my ‘Out of the Darkness’ looks hanging alongside her work.

I have high expectations for this new phase of the Black Door Gallery. The original gallery space is still going to be used also, as a traditional space, not for the co-op. It’s great to have a gallery here in town and I’m happy to be part of it.

Oh–there are still spots available if you are interested in becoming a co-op artist. Check out The Black Door on Facebook or stop in and talk to Susan. More artists = more variety = more for customers to see!


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    • Fiber art may not sell, but I’m just happy she’s showing it…and from 3 different artists. I’m hoping mine is going in a more artsy direction and might be a little bit successful. 1 or 2 sales by the end of the year will keep my ego going for a long time!!!


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