What Color Binding?

I’m almost done with the quilting phase of my next beading project. The plan is to have lots of white beads, maybe some foo-foo threads and yarns and stuff, maybe not. We’ll decide that after some beads go on!

What I’m stuck on right now, though, is what color binding to use. It’s not essential that I have it done before I bead, but I like to have the quilt part totally done first. My first plan was to use the darkest red from the piece. My next idea was black. My third idea was black by the black/white stripe and red on the rest. Any opinion or suggestion you have would be welcome.

It doesn’t look square and even in this photo, but it is, really!

I always love to get your opinions!


14 thoughts on “What Color Binding?

  1. When I’m not sure how to bind I imagine it like a painting on a wall how would you frame it? Gold, wood, silver, black?

    From the photo I like the idea of black/dark but it depends where you are going to put it as this will make the room feel smaller. I had the same issue with my Aotearoa Dreaming quilt a few years ago and ended up putting a dark border, then a light border and binding in the same light fabric.

    So many options đŸ™‚


  2. Several choices: 1. If you want it to look like art, it is best not to use any binding. 2. Since your largest color block is red, choose one of the red fabrics. 3. The black would work.


    • Hate facing, but often love the look! Usually envelope turn before I quilt for that look, but it’s too late for that on this one. May have to break down and do the facing, though, because it’s a great idea for this one…darn!


      • Extra work? Funny from someone who will sit and put about a million beads on this before it’s done. I was going to suggest facing at first but I think the gray side needs something to pull it into the rest of the piece. I think the multi colored binding would do that the best. Well, that and some beads of course. It wouldn’t be too much extra work if did a folded fused binding with edges cut with a decorative blade.


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