My reception yesterday was fun. Lots of support from family and friends and I truly appreciate that!

I’m not crazy about having my picture taken, but I’m so happy that my family is always there to support me!

My number one supporter!

My brother-in-law Ray–he’s a supporter of all family efforts!

AJ gets to use my camera, too, and didn’t do too badly with this pic of my friend Gayle!

But AJ was most excited about another local event, where he got a “big, giant spider” on his arm!

Past naptime!

Finishing, hanging, delivering–that is where my thoughts and activities have been for several weeks. It’s done now and I’m ready to start new projects. Here’s the cutting table…

And the sewing machine is just crying for something to do!

I am doing a little beading, but that’s a very slow process on a very big project, so I think that will be a post after finishing deal…maybe by Christmas, the way it’s going!

I have fabrics selected for a new project, but there are so many fabrics and so many directions to choose, that I’m still in the contemplation stage on this one. It may have so many ways to go that it becomes a series.

Sold a couple of tiny works at Pentamere. I thought when I was making them that I should do more smaller, less expensive presentations and now I know that I could use a few more. Apparently, I just figured out what I need to be doing today! I’d better get to it before I get distracted…


8 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. I don’t know many people who like their own photo, so you are not alone. However, it looks like everything was a great success. Congratulations on the sales, it is very hard to sell fiber art.


    • It’s good to have the work part of it done and any sales are so gratifying! I’m so grateful for all the support I get from my friends, including my internet friends such as yourself. Thanks.


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