New Class-New Samples

I’ve been teaching Quick Start Quilting for a little while now, so you’ve probably seen these samples before.

There’s nothing wrong with them, but I’m teaching the class in a new spot for me. The Quilting Season wanted some new samples and they provided the fabric, so no problem.

These are the fabrics and for each sample I just take a small piece, fuse it to the background and start the quilting.

I can’t wait to see what I do with the Halloween fabric. And, no, I have no idea where the design will take my quilting until I start on it.

Looking forward to some fun quilting time!


6 thoughts on “New Class-New Samples

    • It really gets you thinking about your free motion while freeing you up to just go with the flow at the same time. Hard to describe but it works well to improve how you view your free motion quilting.


    • My previous beginning beading class was based on Christmas trees and I also had a ‘design your own’ pumpkin face to bead for Halloween. I want to use additional Halloween motifs and connect the pieces to make a larger one…maybe with the bones from a plastic skeleton! This year’s beading class will be Christmas ornaments from motif fabric. Holidays always seem to fill us with easy, small projects to do…and then they can be packed away to make room for something else!


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