Results of Dye–er, WAX day

It took a week’s worth of newspaper to get the wax mostly out of the fabrics, and there were only 4 small pieces of fabric. I also did a hot water rinse in a bucket before I ironed. I won’t do that again…it makes a real mess and I don’t think I’m going to bother scraping wax off the bucket–it’s a goner! Unless someone has a better suggestion, I’ll be saving my newspapers and doing a lot more ironing.

Here are the results of the soy wax experiments:

Blobby wax = blobby image

First try with the fern tjap–still pretty blobby!

But I love how it turned out on this piece of fabric…less wax = better image

Using the stencil–usable but not what I intended or what the stencil really looked like!

This grid design is still one of my favorites.

This was just wax spatter on fabric that I did not like. After the overdyeing, it looks pretty cool!

And there was a bit of dyeing without wax and this one came out very interesting, though I’m not sure I’m in love with the colors I chose.

All in all, I’ve decided that I love playing with the soy wax, making designs and patterns but I hate cleaning the wax mess out of the fabrics. I need to do more research on the best way to do that and I obviously need to do more, more, more experimenting with waxing designs. It’s going to take quite a bit more thought than my usual slap-dash dyeing and I’m intrigued with the challenge!

Here’s a little cheer for dye days! Fun, learn, and happy happy!


6 thoughts on “Results of Dye–er, WAX day

  1. I took a class with Jane Dunnewold a few years back and we simply used hot water in a washing machine to take out the soy wax. It worked beautifully. The water needs to be extra hot (140 degrees) and she recommended (and I have since done more at home) we use a kettle to boil water and add at least one pot of boiling water to the washer. It works and no need for newspapers at all. Thanks for your work, I enjoy it and especialy your friendly writing style.


    • I might be a little wary of throwing that much wax into my washer if that didn’t work, considering how much wax was in my rinsing bucket! But adding the boiling water and making sure the water is extra hot makes a lot of sense. I sure would prefer the washing machine to all that newspaper! Thanks for the tips!


    • I moved those fabrics to another pile today and they still feel very waxy and stiff. I think more newspaper and hot water are in order before I’ll truly like how they feel! But I do like my results, so more experiments will be done!


  2. All in all, I am not a big fan of wax resist. There are other elements that can give just as good results without the big mess. I used flour resist that worked just as well. School glue is cheap and works too. Call me lazy, but I would rather pay the money for batiks than to mess with the wax. But yours are lovely and you may find a better way to get rid of the wax.


    • I like the effect I get with the wax and hate how hard it is to get it out. I have Lisa Kerpoe’s new book with the different resists and I plan to try them out. I’ve been afraid to try school glue because I just know that it won’t come out either!!! No basis in fact, of course. And I’m not hesitant to pay the money for the batiks, either. The skill involved is way beyond anything I could create here at home!


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