Rain takes me away

We have been very drought stricken this summer, as in many areas of the country. We finally had a bit of rain and I am totally blown away by how fast the dead, dry grass came back. I spent time on Thursday mowing my lawn and on Friday afternoon it looked as if I had never touched it. Nature amazes me!

Mowing and catching up on yard work and grandson time do keep me out of the studio, though. About all I did was contemplate and wonder about when I was actually going to get some work done!

I have to get something ready for a demo at Friday’s Art Night here in town…that will be beading on a quilt, I believe. My current beading project, however, is HUGE so I need to come up with something smaller that needs some help. Or maybe some felting–no machine at the demo, though. They are looking for hand work, but I have that for felting, too.

The highlight of the week will be the AQS Show in Grand Rapids. I’ll be there Wednesday and Thursday and can’t wait to see all the good things a big show brings. I don’t NEED anything from the vendors—hahaha!

Today, Monday and Tuesday better be studio days. I have work to do, no excuses and I can’t wait! I can hear the fabric calling my name!


4 thoughts on “Rain takes me away

  1. I am jealous-would love to see the AQS show! Maybe we will be at the same show sometime and will actually meet in person..


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