Kits and Plans

Starting putting together bead kits for a class I’m going to be teaching. We’re going to be making Christmas ornaments, so I have a large container of a Christmas mix. It just feels so good to plunge my hand into that pile of beads and mix them up. If you love the texture and feel of soft fabrics, you would love the feel of beads…like silk and a massage at the same time!

I also have a project for one of my nieces…oops! It’s a surprise so I can’t show you. I find, though, that even having the project totally planned out, I’m hesitating to begin. I’m going to be fusing and I just don’t want to mess it up with a poorly placed element. I know…I know…keep the iron away from it until I have everything just the way I want it. Still…

I picked up some wool bits and pieces at the quilt show. Playing with my felting machine is high on my list of games this month! There is also a local shop that carries roving so I picked up some luscious balls of fluff to add to the pile. I know so little about it and want to add it confidently to my toolbox.

Doesn’t this look soft and luxurious?

And I’ve finally made a decision about the piece I started from the scrap box. I am putting “borders” on the top and bottom only. I feel like the colorful part of the piece needs to go through the center, and not be stopped at a side border. It will have uneven sides, not straight and I’m excited to get it quilted now. And I believe it’s another piece that will NOT need any beadwork. We’ll see…you know how much I love to add beads!

Which is better–this way up?

–or this way up?

Now I’d better get my hands out of the bead box and start beading those samples!


14 thoughts on “Kits and Plans

  1. If you want more wool at a much more reasonable price, you might want to check-out the Spinners’ Flock Fleece Fair, Sept. 16 at Beech Middle School, 445 Mayer Dr., Chelsea from 10-4. The signage to get there is easy to follow when you get to Chelsea.


  2. I just purchased a great book on felting. The Complete Photo Guide to Felting. This book has everything and it is all step by step with photos. I too, am anxious to use my felting machine more. It just goes with beads, doesn’t it.


    • I saw that book in an ad recently. I think I need to own it, because my felting knowledge is almost at zero! It does seem to go with beads—especially hand made beads, which I want to make more of, also! Sounds like you lead and I’ll follow with this one!


  3. To answer your question…I like the second choice with the curvy edge on top. It seems to be easier on the eyes. Can’t wait to see what you do with the beads.


  4. Do you use the trick of fusing all the elements onto the release paper or parchment paper before you fuse it to the fabric? Kind of like those applique’ pressing sheets only it’s cheaper or free! Also you can just “tack” fuse your pieces with the tip of your iron real quick. It stays but it’s not stuck. I have an “iron on a stick” that is a bit smaller than a travel iron and I love it for fusing because you have a lot more control but it’s more powerful than those tiny Clover ones.


    • I’m sure I’ll be using all those tricks. It’s more that I’m working from scraps of older fabric so I don’t have a lot of room to screw things up! I tell myself it’s stupid to worry–it’s abstract art! Who will ever know if I make a mistake? I’m sure I’ll be fine…shaky cutting will actually work better on this project!


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