Bitty Bits…

Aren’t these cute little motifs?

That’s what we are using for the Basic Beading on Quilts class I’ll be teaching at Quilting Season in Saline in November. They weren’t finished when I took the pictures, but I got them done today. There are 9 different little motifs and they make adorable ornaments. Check it out if you are close and want to learn to bead. I’m also going to be teaching Quick Start Quilting there in Oct.

And even sooner than that is a class at the Quilt Patch, here in Tecumseh. (Web site being renovated, but all the info is here.) Sept. 15–all day workshop learning about free form piecing. No more patterns needed! I’ll have lots of examples, a step-by-step plan for you, and a firm reminder that no two pieces will be the same at the end of the day. Jump out of the box and join me.

And my secret project has a beginning, but I can’t show you more than this! I am not skilled at drawing, but I could manage a tree.

I’m happy with what I have done so far and as soon as I finish the secret project, I’ll show you everything! Promise!

Every little bitty bit done makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere and not just being lazy. In reality, I know that I am really procrastinating getting the BIG projects done by playing with the little ones! Sometimes I try to fool myself, but deep down I know when I’m goofing off a bit…just a bitty bit!!!


3 thoughts on “Bitty Bits…

  1. Those are adorable! And so not intimidating to start beading with. I so wish I was in your area and could take the class. Tap, tap, tap-wanna see your secret project…..


  2. What a charming use for beads. I do the same thing with my little Christmas gifts. I think you are being too hard on yourself. I procrastinate on housework. I still manage to get by. lol


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