Labor-less Weekend

Yep–lazy, no-real-work holiday weekend around here. Got my special project almost done, but that was playtime, not work.

Played in the mud and in the wading pool with my grandson. Did NOT mow the lawn!

Needed thread and my local quilt shop was sensibly closed for Labor Day, but the big JoAnn’s was open and actually had what I needed…as well as some magazines and a couple of books that looked like fun.

Took a walk and stopped at a garage sale. I bought this vintage beaded pillow.

It’s about 12″ square and the beads are tiny, tiny. It looks well used, but there is not even one bead missing. I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but I just could not pass it up. What would you do with it?

Perfect lazy weekend and we all need those once in a while. Not even going to pretend that it was a planning and thinking time!

Better get some busy going today, though!



2 thoughts on “Labor-less Weekend

  1. Have no idea what to do with the beaded cushion. I guess you could try painting on it. But I think that it is good to step away from projects now and then. When you go back to them, you sometimes get a new perspective.


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