Just because I can…

Not a good enough reason to try fancy free motion quilting. Some quilts only need the support of quilted texture to look their best.

That’s the way I felt about my scrap basket project. My first thought, as I was constructing it, was that an over-all quilting design would be effective. When the time came to do the actual quilting, I knew that was not going to work.

The edges of the dark green borders seemed to call for simplicity. Long, curving, repetitive lines following the shape of the center.

Ordinarily I would never start with the border. That’s just asking for trouble on the back of your quilt! I was a little obsessive with smoothing everything down before starting the second border, but it worked out fine. Whew!

The center puzzled me for quite a while. I needed to emphasize the skinny lines, but they were fractured skinny lines. Aha! Follow the edges and continue the lines as if the fracture wasn’t there. That gave me several lines of stitching outlining each skinny line.

And in between the lines…? Stick with simple! My usual practice with my abstract designs is to look at each section and put a different design in each space. Not a good idea. Treat each space separately, yes, but put the same design in each one. Simple. Texture. Yes!!!

All I have left to do is the final edge and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be traditional binding. Probably corded binding, since that’s so easy to use with curvy edges. The sides are going to be curved, the top and bottom will stay straight. Oh…wait…will the top BE the top or will the orientation change?

I’m going to have to finish it and spin it a time or two before I decide. I think I’ll be going with my original plan, which is the orientation I’ve been showing here, but I have to check out every direction. That’s the blessing and curse of abstract design…it can often go in any direction, but at some point the decision must be made. Usually it just feels ‘right’ in one direction and that’s the way you go with it. Sometimes it takes a few spins to get the ‘right’ feeling!

For a project that came out of two scraps from the basket, I like it! Check out your scrap basket for fun, too!

And will I add beads or bits? I’m surprised at myself, but no. They would add absolutely nothing to the design. Sometimes a quilt just needs to be a quilt, even for the wall.


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