I am working on another surprise project. That makes it very difficult for me to blog about my work! It’s a wonderful, fun project again, but I can’t tell you about it. I can show you the fabrics I’m going to use, though.

Wonderful batiks. Some of them are little more than scraps that I have had for several years and it’s nice that I have finally found the right spot for them.

Aren’t these luscious? Maybe I’ll have just a few scraps left after the main project and I can make a little piece or postcard from them, just to enjoy them for a little longer.

So, I’m working on Christmas presents for other people. Have you started on your Christmas list yet? I certainly haven’t done anything for mine. Some people are obviously much more organized than I am…which is fine, ’cause I get to know their secrets! Ha!


10 thoughts on “Surprise!

    • I don’t think I have much of a stash–until someone who doesn’t sew comes in and sees it! I’ve been trying to downsize the stash for years, but I just…can’t….. resist………fabric!!!!!!!


  1. I gave up doing much hand made stuff for Christmas when I was working full time. Too stressful for me. But I do have a dent in the Christmas shopping already. I know so sad but it’s a hangover from our poorer days when I HAD to do it a little at a time.


      • I love these colors, too. I hope I have scraps left to make a little memento, but I have to tell myself that I buy the fabric to make stuff with it, not to just store it on the shelves!


    • Rich or poor has little to do with it…shopping for Christmas or working on hand made stuff all through the year is just smart and so less stressful…if you start early enough. I’m not that smart!


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