Beading Season

The start of football season is exciting to me. While I do love football, it really means that it’s the start of beading season. Watching football is just an excuse. I can sit at my little beading table, in the living room with my husband, and just bead, bead, bead. It’s a cozy, companionable time, especially when the snow starts to fly…’cause it’s colder in my basement studio than it is in the living room!

This little piece was never intended to have beads, but somehow it came to need them. It’s fused with leftover strips that had Steam-a-Seam 2, which is a heavy fusible. In spots there are several layers of fabric and fusible to get through and it’s tough on my fingers and needles. I’d have used a thinner fusible if the beads had been planned from the beginning!

Score: Needles 3   Finger Pokes 18

But it’s finished!

I think this was Lion’s game (sigh), Bears game (sigh) and Broncos game (didn’t care who won!).

I was pretty proud of myself, though, for not getting any blood on the piece with all those needle pokes!

It’s quite small–10 x 14–and I’m not sure if I’m going to mount it to canvas or leave it as is.

My next beading project is very large and should take me through a good part of the rest of the football season. But there is not one bit of fusible in it, so my fingers should be safe. I don’t wear my safety equipment (thimble) when beading, but if I kept on with the heavy fusible, I might have started using it again!


17 thoughts on “Beading Season

      • Same! I just haven’t had any time recently due to university work! I think I’m going to try to pick up a small project that I can work on between now an Christmas 🙂 It’s blogs like yours that make me want to do it again 😀


    • I’m just glad it’s done and the puncture is low again! There’s a new (to me) product I want to try from USArtquest called Prills, which looks like teeny, tiny beads but you just paint or glue them on. Finger saver for sure!


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