Cropping a Quilt

The beading has been started on this quilt. You’ve seen it here before, but it’s been sitting on the back burner for a while.

When I picked it up, it had been folded in such a way that I wondered about cutting the folded section off. My intention was to have the color appear as an extension of the black and white going through the pure white. The vertical section on the right suddenly looks wrong.

When I paint a picture, I have no trouble cropping it for a better look before framing. But this is a quilt…Before I take the cutter to it, it seems like a good idea to give it a little thinking time…and ask your opinion, too. Here’s what I think I need to do:

If I cut that section off completely it just seems to make a better picture. Seriously, what do you think?

The beading plan right now is to have radiating lines of black beads across the black/white stripe, very heavy white on white beading and perhaps some radiating white lines over the colored section. Here’s a detail of what I’ve started with.

I plan to do some very heavy beading in the white rays of my ‘sun’.

Cropping pictures is easy. Cropping a quilt–maybe not so much!

9 thoughts on “Cropping a Quilt

  1. I really like this quilt … to me, it really needs the part you want to cut off, since it visually completes the curve of red/orange strips near the top. I guess what I’m saying is: please don’t crop it! <=D


  2. I agree with both Gayle and Sarah. I think what is behind both of their comments and your unrest with the piece is that perhaps it’s unbalanced? The left side is visually heavier and the right side lighter. BUT, it really does look different in person and the beading can change the whole character of the piece.


    • As I’m considering all the suggestions, I’m remembering what I wanted to emphasize in the first place, which is the “sun”. The other parts are supposed to support that so I need to decide where to draw the line with that support. I’ll just keep putting on my white beads until I figure it out. Lord knows there’s plenty of those to add on!!!


  3. I would have to see this in person really. But here goes any way. In the close up you can see that the fabric on the left is a black and white stripe. When you see the whole piece though it reads as grey. Does it look more black and white in person? If I were you, which of course I am not, I might try beading the black and white stripe before you whack off the other side. I think if had more of a black “presence” as it were, on the left you might not mind the vertical stripe on the right as much? Also you could use some beads to establish a line from the tips of the rays of the sun, using the arc of the top of the vertically pieced part as a visual guide. If you carried it all the way across and down that part of the quilt it might help draw it in to the rest of the piece. Of course that is about twenty times the work of whacking it right off though isn’t it?


    • The black and white is really black and white–no gray in the actual fabric, but I can see that it reads as grey in the picture. I’m taking all suggestions under serious consideration because I’m not totally happy with it as is. And I don’t mind doing lots more work if it will make the piece feel right to me! I most likely will be far from done by the next time I see you, so you probably will see it in person before I do–or don’t–any whacking!


  4. I would leave the black strip. I think right now it is too wide. Maybe you want to fold it back and see is a small width is better. Thanks for all the great ideas with beads.


    • Hadn’t thought of making that strip smaller, too. I will look at doing that before I spend any time with the black beads. The only thing I’m really sure about so far is that I’m beading the white part!


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