Decided-NOT Cut

With input from my most treasured critique-er (my fabulous daughter Deb!), I have finally decided how to crop my White Hot Sun. Yes, the decision has been made, but the actual cut has yet to be made.

Took off about half of the width of the black/white section and as much of the right side as I could without chopping my sun rays.

I reminded myself of my original idea–“white hot sun”–and it seemed simple to just emphasize the sun. Kind of like a real “Duh!” moment!

Just need to get up the courage to grab the rotary cutter and make the slices. Take a deep breath and just go for it!

Then back to white beads…lots and lots of white beads…lots and lots…sigh! Beading IS slow work, but I love doing it and I really love the finished result. It’s worth it.


7 thoughts on “Decided-NOT Cut

  1. Looks great, wonder if you could darken slightly, with pencils( MAYBE), under the “suns rays” to give it a feeling that it is standing out from the background… I might be too worried to do it now,, but an idea I might try with some things in the future…


  2. Great idea! Sometimes it just takes another eye to look at it rationally. My non artistic daughter is the one that can usually spot the problem even though she doesn’t know why it needs what it needs.


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