In the meantime…

While I was dithering about my sun project, I finished up the beading on my little stems. That project was part of several similar pieces I did with a lot of the same fabrics. The largest of those became the background for a Jeweled Memory for my daughter-in-law. I’m pretty sure I’ve shown you how I add vintage jewelry to a quilted piece in order to display it rather than let it lay forgotten in a drawer somewhere.

This is what I had and I think it’s okay, but I hadn’t shipped it back to Casey because I wasn’t totally happy with it. My daughter once again helped me to see the obvious.

The jewelry needed more beads, just like I had added to the smaller piece…OH, hello!

Try putting the jewelry ON the smaller piece. See if it makes more of a statement that way.

And how about mounting it on a canvas…a nice taupe colored canvas, not white!

Something like this…

Still moving pieces around–lots to choose from in a grandmother’s collection!

Look at this gorgeous hunk of beauty…

And could we leave out this cute little guy?

I’m quite happy with the smaller sized piece with the jewelry added. The beading I did on it shows that my subconscious is a powerful thing…THAT’S why it needed the beads! Worth those broken needles and poked fingers now.

As soon as I do the finishing details, this piece will really and finally be finished! If I can just remember to add it to my gallery pages…


11 thoughts on “In the meantime…

  1. I also have become the go-to person for my friends as they are bequeathed their grandmother’s button jar or old jewelry box. I like to make up stories about some of the pieces that I use about what ball it went to or what tryst it witnessed…great good fun! I loved the way you documented how you moved the pins around until you found the right spot in relation to what was already there.


    • I loved working with this jewelry…and my daughter-in-law has more boxes full of it. I hope she wants me to do more of these! I have a piece I call What Shall I Wear to the Ball? that I have stories for, too! Lots of fun.


  2. How beautiful. I have jewelry boxes full of Granny’s treasures. You’ve given me a wonderful idea for a new project. Once again, you are the bomb!


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