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I’ve been browsing quite a few new blogs lately. Basically wasting time, but looking at some beautiful work…hung all over the artist’s studio/home space. I also visited a fellow artist and was totally enchanted by her work which was hanging or sitting everywhere I looked.

I have piles of quilts. And piles of folded quilts. And stacks of mounted work. I have very little that is actually on display in my home or in my studio.

Made me wonder why. Who am I creating it for? Potential customers that may never materialize? Class samples? Lecture material? Yes to all of that, but I do it because I love it. I need to get it out and hanging around my house. Granted, I could change things out weekly for about a year without repeats, but if I haven’t put up rods or hooks or cleared shelves, it’s like I’m hiding what I do.

Will something possibly get dusty? Faded from sun that I never realized passed across that spot? Maybe…but in the meantime, I’m having the pleasure of enjoying what I have done, my house will be filled with color and I won’t feel guilty about just throwing everything I make on to the pile.

And speaking of guilty…I have 3 wonderful hanging racks that my father made tucked away into a closet! Now why haven’t I gotten those up?

When you start really looking, there are display opportunities everywhere!

Goal: find spots and hang everything I can, all over the house.

Why, I have one bedroom that has bare walls! Shame on me!


8 thoughts on “Display Space

  1. This very thought occurred to me this morning. I am not nearly to the place where you are, but I see a future with too many quilts. Interesting post and it made me think-thanks!


  2. I have paintings from eons ago that my friends painted when we traded art.
    When we were moving and building I had that art all wrapped up, when I took it out it was as if my friends had reappeared. I have my friends quilts on the wall… but really none of mine… Have to think about that., mine are on a bed, covered with a sheet. Will look around for a spot for one of mine.
    Good place would be over the bed,,, can’ hurt if if falls.


    • That was a question I asked myself. Why do I have friends art up, but not my own? Thus, looking for spots for mine! It’s my house so it’s about time I claimed it for my art!


  3. Bare walls – what a luxury! I’ve been a professional art quilter for over 30 years and my work has slowly crept all over the house. So much so, that there are some exercises that I need to do that need a bare wall, so I have to do them against a double closet door. Do look for north facing windows, as they will fade the quilts the least… Go forth and decorate,…the edict has been given!


    • Thankfully I have lots of wall space that stays out of direct sunlight and I have paintings for anyplace else! Let them fade…but I’m on a mission now and I will have my work all over my house!!!


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