Pictures? What pictures?

I am so totally hopeless when it comes to taking pictures of my activities! We started our day Saturday at the John C. Campbell Folk School Festival. The school is set among beautiful rolling hills in a mountain valley. A jewel of a setting.

We thought we were getting there early, right when it was starting at 10 AM. HA! I’ve never seen so much traffic on those winding mountain roads, but it didn’t take very long for the festival pros to get us into their hilly parking areas. Picture? Uh, no…

The vendor booths were set up all along the paths through the woods. Felt like I imagine a Middle Ages Faire would be, with all the little tents and demos of things like wood carving and blacksmithing. The school’s workshops and studios were open with demos going on and there was music on a couple of stages. There were pony rides and live alpacas and spinning and weaving…it was just a great festival, dedicated to the art of the handcrafter. Picture? Uh, no…

We were able to purchase some things like hand forged marshmallow roasting forks and beautifully dyed fleece and roving. Beautiful, beautiful items throughout the festival, in a beautiful setting. Pictures? Uh, no…!!!

But I can highly recommend attending this festival if you can be anywhere in the area on the first weekend of October.

And check out all the classes taught at this school…wonderful! I’m hoping to be one of the instructors in 2014, too. I’ll keep you informed if that becomes a reality–I’ll probably shout it from the rooftops. In the meantime, I’ll try to develop better picture habits!