Thrift Store Finds

My lovely new chair is the best find of thrift store shopping from my trip last week. I posted pictures of it on facebook but never got it on this blog. Well, here’s the story…

I’m notoriously bad at making up my mind about things and my brother-in-law is notoriously bad about encouraging me to purchase cool thrift store items. My husband always frowns at him when he knows we are going shopping! So, I saw this chair and thought I should probably get it, talked myself out of it and went on to other stores…but I couldn’t forget it.

In another store, my ever-helpful brother-in-law found a lovely wool rug, thin and hand-stitched to a canvas backing. I loved it and only hesitated a few minutes before making the decision to snap it up. It needed a little cleaning and that’s what I’m doing today. I don’t mind stains from age, but dusty and musty need washing! Isn’t this gorgeous?


Got home, chatted with hubby, he gave the requisite dirty looks to my co-conspirator and then I was all set to go back the next day and buy the chair. When I got there, the chair was GONE! I told myself it just wasn’t meant to be, but I was secretly very disappointed. I wanted this stylish chair…pout, pout, pout!

After dinner, we went out to get the rug from my mom’s car trunk and WHOA! HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE! The chair was in the trunk, my tricky brother-in-law had gone back and got it and told the shop owner to feed me a line about missing it by 15 minutes and marking the price down…I didn’t get that story because the shop owner was on the phone when we stopped in! But I got the chair!!!!!


I was floating on a cloud the rest of the night and my brother-in-law kept checking for the rest of the week to see if our car was unlocked and maybe he could snatch the chair back!!! So much fun AND I ended up with the chair I love!

One shop we stopped at had an idea I’ll pass along to anyone who might have an old bed that may not be too salvageable. I have two beds that I could do this with, but I’m not sure my carpenter skills would match my vision!


Can’t wait to see what trouble dear brother-in-law and I can get into next time we get together for a thrift store adventure!