Garden Art

I’m not into garden trolls or cement geese. I’ve cut my garden areas back to very small little patches, because, frankly, I’m getting older and I don’t want to do all the manual labor involved in good gardening anymore. I have, however, always liked little metal ‘stick-ins’ for my gardens. Most of the ones I have are small but last year I found a larger piece that I really loved and I indulged myself.

It’s as tall as I am (oh, that’s about 5′ 6″) and it’s starting to rust beautifully!

This year at our local fall festival, the same artist returned. I was quite happy to see him, because of course I never keep track of those cards I collect! I found several pieces that had similar elements to last year’s piece and you all know that I am horrible at making decisions when given good things from which to choose. But hubby was buying, for an anniversary present, so I had to make a choice!

I chose this delightful little basket.

Same leaves and flowers, but none of the kitchen/coffee elements. It was raining when I got it home and took the picture…it should start rusting beautifully, too!

The festival continues today and there are more pieces…I don’t think I’ll indulge in another, but I will enjoy looking again!

Wonder if I could make a basket like that in fabric? With those same leaves and flowers? Hmmmm….