A Walk in the Woods

Living in a rural area means that I get to enjoy nature up close and personal on a daily basis. Hubby and I try to take long walks every day and I’m always looking for inspirational photos. (I hardly ever use those photos, but I love taking them!!!)

Leaves under water

We went for a long walk the other day on a trail through the woods. The first part of the trail was wide and well-maintained in a local park. Then there are additional side paths through the woods that are not so well traveled. We elected to take the longest path, which is the least traveled and gets the least maintenance. We’d never been on that path before, but it was a path, right? And the park is only 370 acres…

There are a lot of footsteps in 370 acres and the path can get very hard to follow in the woods! It was a lot of fun threading our way between giant trees, isolated from the common city sounds, on the lookout for the deer and wild turkeys that we knew lived in these woods. We were too noisy to actually see any, but I think we’ll be on that trail again when we can sit and observe.

The park is located around a mill pond, a large creek and a river so you can’t go too far without following along next to the water.

That was good because we actually lost the path in a large clearing and needed to follow along the river to get back to it!

It was an actual path and one of the best parts for me was finding this little log bridge filling in a low, swampy part. Loved it!

We will probably stay with the more well-traveled path during the winter, just because 370 acres is a lot of territory to cover if you can’t find the path…even following along the riverbank! But this was a wonderful new walk for us, even if I never use the actual pictures in a quilt. Inspiration comes from the colors, the quiet, the peace of walking in the woods.