Nothing But Color

I keep marveling at fall colors–every fall, every day.

I can’t stop taking pictures, even though I rarely use them in my work. The inspiration of the colors is what I get out of them, especially in the dead of winter.

I don’t want to be downstairs in my studio when I can be outside walking through the leaves and staring at the glorious colors all around me.

I’m not getting any work done, but I’m getting fat on all that eye candy!

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10 thoughts on “Nothing But Color

  1. Thank you so much for shareing the beautiful photos of the turning leaves! Since we head to TX in early September I greatly miss the wonderful, cool, Fall Season. A highschool football game played in the evening temps in the 90’s just doesn’t cut it!


  2. The colors this year are certainly more spectacular than any in my recent memory. I was afraid that because of all the heat this summer they would be blah! But not so.


    • And rain and cold today, with the majority of the trees dumping tons of leaves…glad I took the time to get pictures when I did. The peak seems to be past us, but it’s so glorious!


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