Beading Takes Forever!

Whose idea was it to create a huge piece with beading as a primary design element? I guess that would be me and I think I’m a bit crazy!

Here are two little piles of white beads that I’m using to outline areas within my sun rays.

It took me two days to add those…

I now have two of the four sun rays outlined. Next I need to decide which areas are going to get the heavy beading with the assorted white beads. I may be thoroughly sick of white beads before this is finished!

And I’ve learned a valuable lesson…make smaller pieces if there is going to be heavy beading! Or expect it to take FOREVER!


8 thoughts on “Beading Takes Forever!

    • I’m finding that it’s a HUGE area, but I’m still confident that it will be gorgeous when (ha!) it gets done. I may be too old to appreciate it by then, though!


  1. Dear Kathy, no you’re not the only crazy one. An area of intensive beading for me is 1sq in (2.5cm sq) – 1 hour’s work. Yeah, I got seduced by those little shiny things a long time ago. I however, I did learn my lesson awhile back not to do too large of an area of white beads on white fabric or black beadds on black fabric…kills my eyes. I think that having other projects to work on to give you a break is a good idea.


    • I’m finding that truly mixed improvisational beading is what I love the most. However, in the stuff I’ve done so far, I need lines to direct the eyes and chunks of color for intensity. Large pieces? I’ll think long and hard before I do anything this large again!


  2. How well I know! I just finished a 9 X 12 piece with heavy beading. It took me 3 mos. to bring this to completion. I had to keep going back to the bead shop for more beads. I will NEVER do that again. However, it is very impressive.


    • I absolutely adore beading, but I also love to get something *finished!*This piece is about 36 x 50 so I’m sure it’ll last all winter. I will get bored with white and work on other things in between, but I’ve learned my lesson on huge beaded pieces!


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