I’m a Student Again!

At least for a day…and I absolutely love it when I’m taking a class and learning new things. A class called Fabrications was offered at USArtquest and I was able to get into it. This company is well known in the paper and scrapbooking world and is getting into surface design on fabric as well. One of the first statements made in class was that ‘everything you can do on paper, you can do on fabric.’

Painted, gilded, fusible thread

Well, game on!!!

We used a variety of glues and fusibles to attach shine and glitter…right up my alley. Oh, my word–it was so easy and there was such a variety of techniques to use. I loved every minute of that. We had gilding and mica chips and something called prills that are like tiny beads that you glue on.

And THEN we moved over to working on wet stuff…stenciling and screenprinting. Direct painting on fabric. I used a huge leaf I found in the woods today and painted it up and stamped it onto fabric. Then I tried it with a smaller leaf and used damp fabric. The look was much softer. And then I added glitz on top of that.

So many possibilities and so much fun. Could have spent a week playing with all these and didn’t even get to all the products offered! Could also spend several days explaining what we did, but I think I’ll let the pictures show all the coolness!

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There are probably different companies that provide similar products and you might already know some of what I learned today. I found it awesome to have all the products in one spot and everything was available for our use in class. I love learning, but I also love a ‘complete environment’ for a classroom.

Today was total fun!