For our next lesson, boys and girls…

Playing with paint was my objective today. Staying away from the tempting flash and glitter…

New toys-

New stencils

I started with watered down paint spritzed through the stencil on different color backgrounds. I knew there wouldn’t be much of a difference with the dark back ground, but I had hoped for more than this.

Barely enough to tell that something had been done to the fabric!

Same stencil, same paint on white fabric.

In the photo you can see the pink, but the camera focused on the white-on-white snowflakes. Not quite this pronounced in real life, but you can at least see that pink has been added and the stencil was a row of trees.

One more for sprayed on paint–light background, stencil with bigger opinings.

Better but still pretty wimpy with these color choices!

So much for watered down paint spritzing…I’ll try another time with a light background and darker paint.

On to full strength paint stenciled on. Same pink, same backgrounds, easily seen.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not an expert at all in stenciling. I’ve done very little of it and usually I’m disappointed with my results. These are okay. Here’s what it looks like in process, just in case you have never stenciled.

It’s best to use the little paint dauber. I used a brush on the one circled in the next picture and it seemed at first that I could get more paint and better coverage. As it dried, I could see that my coverage was very uneven and my stencil edges were a little sloppy.

I decided to take advantage of the abundant leaves available and paint and stamp some of those. I did some small ones using mostly blue and red paint. Trying for a non-typical look…I love this type of stamping but I’m not crazy about my colors.

I can also see my brush strokes and they are distracting to me. They should be angling out from the center stem. Maybe I can add another layer of brighter color to these same leaves tomorrow…if it doesn’t work out, it’s fine. These are only experiments after all, and subject to immediate dismissal to the wastebasket if they offend me too much!

Yesterday I showed you a leaf that was as large as my hand. We walked in the woods again this morning and I found several maple leaves that are even larger! The little trees in my yard don’t have leaves this big! I couldn’t wait to stamp this one. I used lots of different colors, tried to get my brushstrokes headed out towards the edges and I’m very happy with these.

That’s 3 leaves on a full width of fabric…they are huge and I think I need to have a project for them now!

I have lots of fabric, lots of paint, lots of leaves. I think there will be more experiments with painting leaves.

But tomorrow is grandson day and I’m just not sure that having him help will work, so I’ll get back at the paint later.

Screenprinting is still on the agenda. I know I already like that pretty well. And I do have lots of fabric and lots of paint!!!!

I linked this to which is a blog that links many others each Friday. Check it out to see some amazing work!