Wish I had something exciting to tell you…

It seems as though I have been incredibly busy for several weeks now, but I have nothing to show for my time.

I mailed out my giveaway trees today…bye-bye trees!

There are tons of ideas swirling in my brain, waiting to be released, but my studio time has been non-existent. I’ve been finishing up the fall yard work–late on that, too! I went to a guild meeting. I finished up the knitting on some scarves. Of course, we had a wonderful weekend with our family in DC. I actually read a book again! Lots of grandma time and there can never be too much of that! This week is week full of meetings, but also a much needed hair-coloring appointment. I’ve always said that I’ll never have gray hair as long as dye comes in a bottle, and I’m sticking with that!

Oh-this is exciting–I stopped at the bead store and bought some more beads! No plan for them but they called out my name and I had to answer!

It just seems like a regular walk on the daily hum-drum schedule lately. No creative work at all and that needs to be remedied! Right after we get the holiday decorations out and put up…and after we have grandparent time again, and get that display set up in the library….soon, studio, soon, I promise!


Travel Highlights

When we visit the Washington, D.C. area, we are always excited about the new things we are going to see. We don’t think we will ever run out of free sites to visit and we may even pay to see some things! But you can just walk down the street and see some cool things…

Like the juxtaposition of the old and the new.

We have seen wonderful concerts at Wolf Trap and last night we saw a marvelous production of A Midsummer Nights Dream at the Shakespeare Theater Co. My husband was thrilled to be able to visit the National Archives and see the special exhibit on the Cuban Missle Crisis.

However, one of the things I look forward to the most is a visit to Artistic Artifacts. Owned by Judy Gula, the shop is relatively small but there are so many unique items…oooooh, it’s just a total delight to visit! I always find cool things that I haven’t seen at home and many things that are unique to this shop. This is the box of goodies I came home with today.

I found these cute little square sequins and I think I know already where they will end up!

I also purchased a copy of this book, which I will take some time to study and review soon.

Right now I’m going to spend some time fondling my treasures and reading through this book and watching a football game and continuing with a wonderful weekend.

My days are so good and full…it’s a great time of year to give thanks for all that…while I continue to be lazy!!!!

How to Choose a Winner

When I decided to have a little giveaway, I was sure that it would be easy to select a winner…actually two winners. I did not make a plan for how I would make the selection. I just left it up to chance and confidence that the answer would come to me. Well, it’s decision time and I’m still not sure! But the deadline is here, so the choice has to be made.

Random number generator? First and last? Point to names on the list of commentors? I decided to have the family pick random letters of the alphabet and choose the first name I saw, randomly scrolling through my list, with those letters. So, the winners are:

Toni Mitt  AND Karen H

Please email me with your snail mail addresses and your choice and I’ll get them sent out.

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This was so much fun that I’ll have to do it again soon! I have lots of things that could benefit from a new home!

Jewelry Delivered

The vintage jewelry piece has finally been delivered to it’s owner, my daughter-in-law Casey. She was very happy with it and I like it so much I’ve started collecting some vintage jewelry for a piece of my own!

It took a while for me to decide on those pesky finishing details. I tried mounting it on a large canvas with a nice taupe/gold background but it just didn’t look comfortable with all that light space around it. I didn’t even bother getting a picture of it that way, because I could tell it would need changing.

My whole mind set actually needed changing, several times. I’ve already told you here about moving it from a large background piece to the smaller one. And adding beading to that smaller piece to enhance the jewelry. I finally realized that looking at the jewelry detail was the point of the whole thing and for that it needed to be in a more intimate setting. Sometimes smaller is better–who knew?!

This is the finished project and some details

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…maybe Casey will want me to make something else from more of that vintage treasure chest!

A Nice Round Number…

I’ve been notified by WordPress that I’ve published 400 blog posts. That’s a nice round number and perhaps it should be celebrated! And how do bloggers celebrate? With a giveaway, of course!

I have several beaded Christmas tree quilts and I only have one little display stand to use. I also cannot decide on a favorite, so that means you can have your choice from several little pieces. They are all between 11″ and 12″ square. Here are pictures of your choices. The detail shots show the bits of beading.

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I’ll select two winners from the usual method–leave a comment on this post. I’ll select the winners on Thanksgiving Day, in between food coma and football game and get it announced on Black Friday…when I will NOT be shopping!

And I’m sure someone will ask…the little stand is from Ackfeld Manufacturing and is available in lots of variations. Most quilt stores have some or can get them for you. (It is NOT included in the giveaway!)

Can’t wait to send these off to a new home!

Beaded Ornaments

Aren’t these ornaments cute?

I taught a small class of 3 last night and I think there are now 3 more converts to bead obsession! When you find out how easy it is to add beads to quilts…well, you are ready to head to the nearest bead shop and stock up!

As usual, I forgot to get my camera out until the end of the night and Barb had already left, but Marilyn and Maryann worked right up until the very last minute.

And you know that I absolutely love teaching, so I had a wonderful evening! Guess I need to get busy and set up some more local classes so I can do more teaching and have more fun…it’s a tough chore, but I’m willing to do it!

And perhaps I should make a little trip to the bead store, just to make sure I keep up on my stash of beads!

Busy Work

Remember when the teacher gave you a sheet of 25 math problems to work on in class–silently? Or when the English teacher assigned silent reading (I always thought there was a hangover involved there someplace!)? I’ve been spending my time this past week on just those types of busy work projects.

I beaded those little painted Christmas trees, mounted them on matboard and took them to the gallery along with a couple other small pieces.

Finished up the leaf raking–that mulberry tree with it’s 3 million leaves finally dropped them to the ground!

Made up some kits for a class I’m teaching on Wednesday.

Quilted the little painted leaves…size is hard to tell in a photo, but it’s only about 17 x 18″. As I study the photo, it’s becoming obvious that I need a bit of shadow to define the leaf on the left.

Picked up some knitting again. Those curly ruffled scarves that no one could get the yarn for last winter and that the stores are overstocked with this year…one of those is usually good for an evening in front of the TV.

Just kind of filling in with busy work…not sure if it’s a little rest before tackling 3 bigger projects that I need to do, or a bit of procrastination. My daughter says that I don’t have to be sewing on something every single day, but it sure feels funny when I’m not!

Guess being creative is truly the heart of me and everything else is just busy work.