Class of One–Fun!

My friend Sue came over today to learn how to do free form piecing. She was awesome! Sue is an experienced garment maker, knitter and quilter and wanted to add some new tricks to her sewing basket. All that experience made her a quick study and a joy to teach!

Look at the fabulous selection of fabric she brought to play with.

How could you go wrong using any of these?

The way I teach this style of working is to start with using a rotary cutter and ruler and straight lines. I like the stack-slice-and switch method for 2 reasons. It automatically mixes the colors you are using and it gets you a lot of pieces in a short amount of time! Fast and easy…that’s for me. Sue started out with these components.

We added curves—also very easy. Don’t believe anyone who tells you they aren’t! Then come on over and I’ll show you how to do it.

She learned overlapping piecing, which is a huge aid in final assembly. It’s the main method of many improv piecers, but it takes longer to do. We were after quick results today.

We move pieces to the design board as soon as they are sewn and try out different arrangements. We audition fabrics used in the piece already, as well as additional fabrics that we may wish to include in the design.

Sometimes lots more fabric is added and sometimes additional piecing and additional fabrics—rejected! That’s what happened to the three fabrics on the far right of this picture. The fabrics themselves were fine, but they really added nothing to the overall design, so Sue stopped before adding them.

Almost done with the assembly and just before the decision to eliminate the extra chunks of color. Sue had a great time learning how to do this and she was so quick to pick it up! An A+ student, for sure.

She got the quilt top done! She will decide on how to quilt it, whether or not it will get surface design embellishment like yarn, what edge finish to use…all the finishing details that will turn it into a fine piece of abstract art.

I absolutely love this design and think she did an awesome job. And she can now confidently create her own designs at any time!

Design finalized-assembled-trimmed and ready for quilting. Way to go, Sue!


5 thoughts on “Class of One–Fun!

  1. Looks like you had some fun. This is such a great way to make a lovely wall hanging in a short amount of time.
    My piece from your class (almost two years ago now) is up on the design wall. Too many “have to’s” on deck right now but at least I’m looking at it and brewing a plan. Plus I’m remembering to write down my ideas! Yay me.


    • Oh, hooray you, indeed! Those ‘have-tos’ get in our way a lot but eventually we find a way to work around them! It’s supposed to be fun, so it’s best to wait for a time when you can have fun and not feel rushed. I know Sue and I had fun and all we had to do was schedule an appointment with ourselves!


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