What are my options?

I always ask this question when it comes to finishing details. I rarely know in advance what finishing details will make me happy with a piece. Today I’ve been working on those little painted pieces from last week’s paint ‘party’.

I want to have some small items to put in this weekend’s Holiday Open House downtown. So, I have them all beaded, a touch of quilting to attach the felt backing and a bright edging.

They’re cute, but really nothing more than beaded potholders right now! Really! I thought I would mount them on foamcore board with a little thread hanger for a bit more presence.

Options kick in here…do I just glue them to the foamcore and call it good? Do I sew them to the board? I still have a hard time with permanent stuff like gluing because that requires a permanent decision that I won’t want to use them for something else later! I know that’s silly, because the idea is to have small, cute items to sell, so I won’t have them anymore!

So here’s my problem with that option now. They will look fine from the front, but this is how little cut squares of foamcore look from the side and I’m not too sure I like it…and I don’t know what the options are for that.

Does it matter? Is anyone going to care but me? I just feel like it’s unprofessional looking. Maybe I need to cut them with a different tool, but usually I manage to make any ‘knife’ cut worse.

I’m just not seeing my options today for this final detail. If you have any suggestions, please clue¬† me in! I need some good ideas and they are not currently coming out of my brain!