Jewelry Delivered

The vintage jewelry piece has finally been delivered to it’s owner, my daughter-in-law Casey. She was very happy with it and I like it so much I’ve started collecting some vintage jewelry for a piece of my own!

It took a while for me to decide on those pesky finishing details. I tried mounting it on a large canvas with a nice taupe/gold background but it just didn’t look comfortable with all that light space around it. I didn’t even bother getting a picture of it that way, because I could tell it would need changing.

My whole mind set actually needed changing, several times. I’ve already told you here about moving it from a large background piece to the smaller one. And adding beading to that smaller piece to enhance the jewelry. I finally realized that looking at the jewelry detail was the point of the whole thing and for that it needed to be in a more intimate setting. Sometimes smaller is better–who knew?!

This is the finished project and some details

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…maybe Casey will want me to make something else from more of that vintage treasure chest!


15 thoughts on “Jewelry Delivered

  1. Think you camer up with a fantastic idea to display vintage. I have a small colle3ction and will have to see if any would be suitable to try my own take on a wallhanging. Ruth


  2. Vintage jewelry is gorgeous. I tried hitting the FB”Like” button, but it wouldn’t accept it. I really like what you’ve done with the vintage jewelry. You are one talented lady. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 🙂


    • Thank you. I never really paid any attention to vintage jewelry until my daughter-in-law showed me what she had from her grandma and mom. Now I’m always looking for it!

      On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 11:13 AM, Quirks Ltd.


      • Lovely piece. I’ve asked al of my friends for old buttons, beads, and jewelry, so I’m often given old button jars or jewelry box collections when families are cleaning out homes. All are welcome, and I imagine that they have quite the stories to tell. I even wrote a blog once about some antique buttons that I had made into a bracelet and the stories they tall each other. Nancy Smeltzer


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