Wish I had something exciting to tell you…

It seems as though I have been incredibly busy for several weeks now, but I have nothing to show for my time.

I mailed out my giveaway trees today…bye-bye trees!

There are tons of ideas swirling in my brain, waiting to be released, but my studio time has been non-existent. I’ve been finishing up the fall yard work–late on that, too! I went to a guild meeting. I finished up the knitting on some scarves. Of course, we had a wonderful weekend with our family in DC. I actually read a book again! Lots of grandma time and there can never be too much of that! This week is week full of meetings, but also a much needed hair-coloring appointment. I’ve always said that I’ll never have gray hair as long as dye comes in a bottle, and I’m sticking with that!

Oh-this is exciting–I stopped at the bead store and bought some more beads! No plan for them but they called out my name and I had to answer!

It just seems like a regular walk on the daily hum-drum schedule lately. No creative work at all and that needs to be remedied! Right after we get the holiday decorations out and put up…and after we have grandparent time again, and get that display set up in the library….soon, studio, soon, I promise!


6 thoughts on “Wish I had something exciting to tell you…

  1. I call that filling the pipeline-you’re putting thoughts into one end of the pipeline and projects will be coming out of the other end of your creative pipeline as they percolate. Can you make sure you remind ME of that when I hit a dry spell?;-)


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