We Interrupt This Program…

…to bring you another fun playday! I have found a new candy store, friends!

I am fortunate to live close to a business that specializes in surface design products. If you are a scrapbooker, you have probably heard of USArtquest and Susan Pickering Rothamel. If you are a quilter, not so much. Sue has been doing research and development on all of her products to find out how they can be used on fabric as well as paper and it’s perfect for me! I am exploring surface design for my quilts and Sue is having classes.

I am SO there!!!

I told you about my last class with all of the Gild’n Glitz and painting and stenciling and screenprinting. We had that option yesterday, too, but we mostly concentrated on adhesives and mica-based products.


One of my favorite new toys is called Prills. These are little beads without holes that you adhere with glue. Talk about speed beading…


Not so thrilling watching glue dry, so we moved on. Using a fusible iron-on, we made a template and then added the shiny parts. We used Mica D’lights and Mica Flakes, small bits of colored mica, with a bit of gilding.


I think I will be adding more ‘stuff’ to this and making it into a small art piece. It’s so easy…I almost hate to tell you that because “Aaaart” is supposed to be so haaaard!


Fusible dichroic fibers with a bit of opal mica flakes on top.

Then we played with a fun laminate plastic that you can stick all kinds of things under and on top of and fuse it all together and cut it into shapes, or not, and then sew through it. I am enchanted with this idea, and it’s perfect for making ‘windows’, too.




And more…oh, yes, MORE! We made fusible fiber beads, but I didn’t save mine to show you. I actually cut them up to put under the laminate! We stamped into our fusible fibers to make cool designs…which I also put under my laminate. Mica can be embossed. We were shown how to make wonderful, unique Christmas ornaments, but didn’t actually make any. That info, however, is on the website blog.

My favorite products, that I just HAD to bring home, were mica tiles and that cool laminate. I picked up a few other items, too, of course!


And now we’re going to get open studios and more classes…I am so very fortunate to live close enough to do my exploration with the pros and not alone in my studio. So far, as commercial as it may sound, I highly recommend all these cool products. You may have tried similar things in other brands and you may be very happy with them, but you might want to broaden your horizens with this company, too. Just sayin’…

All I know for sure is that this is perfect for what I am trying to learn and do and these play days are just totally delightful for me. My other work may be interrupted but it’s so worth it. Who knows what I may be able to add as my work progresses? Can’t wait to try more new things!


8 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Program…

    • It could be very serious…I’m going back Monday afternoon with some actual projects in hand to see what I can find for them! Fortunately, a little dichro goes a long way!


  1. You are such a lucky lady. We have nothing to compare here in our town. Our scrapbooking stores know nothing about using fabric. Our quilt shops are more traditional than anything else. So, I just troll the internet.


    • I truly am lucky. There are so many good things available around here and what I don’t find out about, my friends do. We keep each other informed and having fun!


  2. You’re gushing! Sounds like so much fun. I have some of those hole-less beads that you glue on but the new ones you show look so much better with the different sizes. This stuff is so cool!


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