New beading class

I’ve decided that I need to try and entice more people into beading on their quilts. And I think the best way to do that is to teach it in the easiest possible format…utilizing the prints on commercial fabric.

A simple little block with a fabric you love…any fabric…can be used to teach the basics of beading.

However, I have so many great fabrics that I’ve accumulated over the years that I spent a good part of the day yesterday gazing at and fondling fabric.

13bead class4

I finally narrowed it down a bit, but there are still so many from which to choose!

I was going to try and make samples that would fit a standard size canvas or frame, but when I found these two, the standard sizes went out the window.

13bead class3

This one will be mostly outlining with beads, but there are some nice curves and some spots to show some clusters of beads or lines of beads for shading.

13bead class2

The appeal of this one is that there are areas for outlining, areas for sparkle, clustering for color, curvy curves…there’s a lot going for an 11 x 14″ piece of fabric!

There really is no size limitation on what you bring to beading class, but I don’t want to overwhelm anyone, so I’m going to put a reasonable limit on my suggestions. In the meantime, the more fabric I look at in my stash, the more possibilities I see!

13bead class1

I think I’m looking at a full winter of beading small pieces…I think my samples need to have more than just beads to be effective examples of what adding embellishment can do. So when I pack for our visit to Florida, I’d probably better include some hand stitching supplies and I probably need to bring my sewing machine. My mom’s machine is just a bit too ‘unused’ to reliably work with! Oh, and beads, of course.

And there may–just may–be the possibilty that I can find a piece or two of new fabric when we are there! Oh, and beads, of course!!!

I truly don’t think I will ever run out of things to do…ever, ever, ever!


6 thoughts on “New beading class

  1. Wow! Just reading this and so many ideas come to mind! I can hardly wait to see what you do to these fabrics…..and beads, of course!!


    • It’s almost too easy, and you never run out of ideas this way. But I do want to create backgrounds that have a little more to them for work outside of a classroom!


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