Wooo-hooo! More playing!

Time…precious time…and I got some! It was, of course, spent in the studio. I could have had a dedicated session on a project that has a deadline. But nooooooo–I’m dedicated to playing right now, and serious thought about a serious project just can’t find room in my brain.

So, here’s what I wasted devoted my time to…

The sun ray beading project is just destined to be my project that takes forever. I didn’t do any beading on it, but the edges were getting a little raggedy so I decided that I’d better finish them off. And no matter how many shots I took, following all those picture taking rules, or how many times I measured, it looks like the top is wider than the bottom. And it’s NOT. Not that it really matters here, but that little thing bugs me!

Play again1

Facing the edge was my finish of choice, but it’s not a favorite choice. Once you get the facing on, you have to sew it down to the back, by hand. Yuck! That’s why I don’t do binding by hand…it seems like such a waste of time. But it is necessary sometimes to get the look you want.

Play again2

Then I skipped over to the pink and gray batik project. Got borders on it and got some basic quilting done on it. There will be beading to come and I think some hand stitching of some kind. And…I got distracted!

Play again3

Had to go to the fabric store for some thread…one little spool of thread. Well, wouldn’t you know it? They got in a new line of fabrics yesterday and I am in love with all of them! That rarely happens to me anymore and I certainly DO NOT NEED one piece more of fabric. Hmmm…It’s Christmas—time to ask for a big gift certificate. That’s a good justification, isn’t it?

But I did NEED to have one little fat quarter come home with me…can you see why?

Play again4

(Well, everyone’s tastes are different!) And this is the little project for a beading class sample that I am going to do right now.

I don’t need any samples until February, so the plan was to take them on our trip to Florida later this winter. Unh-unh…this one is getting started today.

Play again5

I think I may have sewing project ADD…but as long as I don’t have a taskmaster other than myself, it’s really okay. And I’m having fun, fun, fun! No holiday stress here, let me tell you. We’ll finish our shopping tomorrow (Right, Scarlett?). It’s not hard to buy some gift cards, and then I can come home and bead, bead, bead…fa la la la la, la la la la…


6 thoughts on “Wooo-hooo! More playing!

    • I’m enjoying jumping from one piece to another, completing a bit at a time on each one. When there is a lot of repetitve work on a piece, it’s great to be able to take a break and work on something else.

      On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 12:52 PM, Quirks Ltd.


  1. Yes, you are on a roll and why stop. I have to say that the new fabric is a dandy and I would have a hard time resisting it. Since the Mayan calendar is predicting the end of the world for tomorrow, just bead your heart out. lol


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