Playing with beads…

And it isn’t what you think! I wasn’t doing the playing; it was my grandson. He has loved playing with a pile of beads and little trucks ever since he could sit at the table.

Now, though, he knows how to open the jars that I keep on the table, full of beads.

AJ Beads 12.22

So now, instead of working on beading a project, I have a project to work on sorting my beads!

My husband thought the look on my face was so funny when I saw this. And it IS funny–just not what I expected to be doing this evening! Maybe I can play with the little trucks for a while, too, though.

Hope you all get a chance to do what you love doing over the holiday time. I know I will be with my family and it doesn’t get any better than that for me!

P.S. I’ll post again right after present opening time to let you know what bead and/or fabric booty I get!


2 thoughts on “Playing with beads…

  1. That is too funny! Wonder what the look on your face would have been if your kids had done the same thing. You know you aren’t a great grandparent until your kids say “What????? These are not the people who raised me!”


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