Feels like a new year…

I’m having some extra time this week since we are in a Christmas routine, not a regular routine. Getting out of the routine makes it feel like a brand new year already. It’s also enabled me to finish my little beading project that I fell in love with. Or is it finished? I’m never quite sure when to stop. I started out just wanting a few beads to use as a sample for a class.

Worlds Away3

The more I worked on it, the more I thought I could add. There were so many good places to put beads! Then I thought it would look better with some simple hand stitching. People are right when they say hand stitching adds something good to any piece. I liked it a lot better as I added the handwork.

At some point though, you just have to draw the line and call it done. But there is so much more room for beads, for hand stitching…

Worlds Away1

This part is pretty full, trying to be the focal point.

Worlds Away2

This part has room for lots more.

The whole thing is only 11″ square, and I had lots of time to work on it last week. That made me realize that it took that whole week to get it this far done and I was supposed to be working on a simple sample for a class. Whoa, Nellie!!! Time to put the brakes on and take a serious look at how long it takes to do beading.

All those samples that I got ready to work on when we’re on vacation…hmmm…maybe I shouldn’t wait ’till vacation to start working on them. It might take longer than I think, especially if I’m doing more on vacation than sitting around beading!!!

13bead class2

Maybe it’s just an excuse to start working on some just-for-fun projects instead of those things that I said yes to when I should have said no! Doing some ‘want to’ things instead of ‘have to’ things. That almost sounds like a new year’s resolution…

Life is short; follow your heart!


4 thoughts on “Feels like a new year…

  1. You know, this is the very same problem I had when teaching my fabric book class. It took me months to do the pages. So how do you teach something like that in one session? You can only do small squares for a beading class. There is just not enough time. Remember that old saying, Keep It Simple, Stupid? That is what I keep telling myself. I love your block. That fabric is really fantastic.


    • Fell in love with that fabric! Could not leave it in the store. But, yes, the class samples must be much simpler! I want them to be able to do it with a single color of beads if possible, so there’s no big initial investment! So back to simple for the rest of the samples!


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