Uh-oh–teeny beads!

I’m continuing to make samples for my beading class, but I’m running into a little problem. I’m using teeny, tiny beads. My  intent was to have the students learn with larger beads, which are easier to handle and for many people easier to see. I’ll admit that at one time I thought I would never bead with beads this small, either.

The first two projects, which I showed you here and here are more in the way of eye catchers for advertising. The plan is for the rest of the samples to be small, easy and possible to do with a single color and size of bead. That’s apparently just not in my wheelhouse!

sm bead red flower

Oh, yes indeed, this could have been done in a single color and size of red beads, larger than the beads I’m using. But this just looks better.

I’m trying to convince myself that interesting samples are inspiring, not intimidating, and that they will make students want to learn how to do the beading. I’m hoping, anyway, ’cause single color, plain, big beads are just sounding too, too boring to me now!

We’ll see how the next one goes. It should lend itself more to a single color/size, but I’m thinking that the size could end up teeny again. Okay, just get out the strong magnifying glasses!

10 thoughts on “Uh-oh–teeny beads!

  1. Teeny beads…get out the strong magnifying glass and the paint tape! Paint tape will hold the teeny beads for you as you need them and keep the teenies from flying off into never never land. Have fun…Karen


    • This is the second time in 2 days that I have seen that tape suggestion. I just have my beads on an old piece of vellux blanket and I havent’ had any trouble with them flying around, I may try the tape just to see if it makes picking up the beads any easier.


  2. I absolutely love what you are doing! It’s a tricky thing to figure out the balance between inspiring your students and intimidating them. I think this piece will inspire.


  3. Uh-Oh, Kathy! Bead seduction can be so subtle! Are you talking 10s or size 15s here? I can’t find needles whose eyes are small enough to go through size 15 seed beads and sew more than few times through the 3 quilt layers before breaking. LOVE the grey “shadow” lines behind the red flowers/pinwheels in the foreground. Great contrast!


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