Purple is not my favorite color. Sometimes I am forced to use it because it actually does look good with many things. I have no idea why I bought this piece of purple fabric, but it’s great for a beading class sample!

The first step on this one is to make interesting flower centers. I’m going to encourage my students to buy a tube of “mixed” beads. That’s what I’m working with here and I love the variety I can use in each flower center.



Purple is not my thing, but there are lots of other colors to work with in both the fabric and the beads. Soooo, still having a great time making these small samples!


8 thoughts on “Eeek–purple!

  1. I keep a small flat slush box. It has no top so that you can look down at it and choose your beads. I put all kinds of colors, sizes, and even some buttons in the slush box. I keep odds and ends that I find on the floor or counter after projects. Just throw them in. This allows me to have a great mixture, when I need it.Some fabrics just call out for variety.


    • That’s a good idea! I must have several slush boxes, since all my projects seem to involve variety. What I have so far are color related mixed containers, but a true slush box like yours sounds like a great idea.


    • I have a lot of those beige prints, too, and end up covering them with lots of other stuff. It’s easier to start with something a little more lively! Most of those beiges will get overdyed, I think, before I actually use them…or painted, stenciled, screen printed…


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