My brain hurts…

I took a beading class today. I was asked why I was taking a beading class and my reply was simple–I don’t know enough and I want to learn more. I do know lots of basic beading stuff, but there is just so much more to learn and do with beads. In fact, I learned so much in this one day that my brain hurts!

We were taught by Linda Lindsey of Square Rose LLC and she was fabulous! Totally organized and presented the information in a very logical sequence. And fun things happened all along the way!

CSBead class1

This is one of the sampler pieces that Linda brought us…and we marveled at it!

CSBead class4

My tablemate got organized and ready to work right away!

CSBead class2

We learned stacks–aren’t those cute mushrooms?

CSBead class3

We learned lines and corners and curves and couching and lazy stitch and picot stitch and humps, bumps and globs! THEN we took a deep breath and learned a few more things! We embellished lines with picots, ruffles, zigzags, candy cane loops, and then more loops were mentioned! Whew!

CSBead class5

We only had time to touch on a few other things, but we got homework! Homework! Can you believe it? We have one more class and I can’t wait. There is so much more to this beading stuff than I ever thought there was! I was addicted before this class but the possibilities that we were shown today just blew me away!

I’m so looking forward to this class and my brain is very full. I’m thinking it might explode by the end of the next class, but it will be SOOOOOO worth it.


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